Your swimming pool is a luxury that you deserve; designed to bring you hours of relaxation, entertainment, and a bit of exercise too. But swimming pools can also be a place of tragedy. You may be confident about your skills around the pool, but you never know when trouble could happen. Not everybody who comes near your pool will be able to swim or will understand the potential dangers. There are procedures you can follow to be more confident about your pool safety. Here is a list of things you should have in place for your pool or spa.

  1. Defend the Pool: For your pool, the best defence is having a good fence. The greatest danger is non swimmers finding their way to your pool and getting into trouble. A fence is a good deterrent for unwelcome guests. There are many kinds of fences for pools, so make sure that you get one that satisfies the local regulations. You can have your setup certified by accredited swimming pool certifiers, so that you can know that you have the right situation in place.
  1. Good Gates: Equally important to the fence is the gate. If you don’t have a gate that is hard to defeat, the rest of the fence is just decoration. There are ways to increase the effectiveness of your gate. You can purchase childproof doorknob covers, lever locks, and other types of mechanisms that will be too difficult for a child to figure out. If you like you can also get an alarm system or integrate your house alarm with the pool gate, so you will know immediately if someone is entering the pool area.
  1. Inspect the Drains: another source of danger in pools is the drains. If your drain system is poorly designed, it is possible that someone could become trapped against a drain and held underwater. Your drain system is one more feature that you should have inspected for safety. Not only the drains under water, but the surface level drain covers are another source of accidents, make sure they are properly installed and undamaged, to ensure the safety of your guests.

The best way to keep your pool safe is to have a clear set of rules and procedures that everyone knows and can follow. If everyone is consistent with pool safety, you should be able to use your pool without any concern. With good safety precautions, your pool will be a continual source of enjoyment.